I am fond of that specific feeling of finding lost things on the street such as photos, film rolls, money, and whatnot.

I delete considerable amounts of images, mostly from music events that I work for and I end up deleting the faulty ones in an attentive selection process thus, they become meaningless although at the time they were taken they had significance. Just as if I were trading, I used to take a picture and give one back. But now, when I take a picture, even though it may be a bad one, I do not delete it anymore. I prefer to randomly leave it somewhere in the world and like so, virtual information turns into a physical object capable of arising emotions when someone holds it in their hands. 

 The moment we find objects we do not expect to find in the places we roam about, we are in awe of them. We look upon these objects in a childish surprised state, we empty up our minds, and time stops. By constantly thinking of this, my walks carry a continuous potential that I may be leaving something of importance behind. I've left pictures all around Europe and still continue to do so.

Copyright Valeriu Catalineanu
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