CEO / Art Director of Romanian Club Culture


2019: University of Arts and Design Cluj Napoca, Graphics

2011: Academy of Fine Arts Bucharest, video & photography 

Personal exhibitions:

Undecisive Moments, Atelier 35, Bucharest/Romania, sep. 2009

Group exhibitions:

Transform, National Galerry for Foreign Art, Sofia, apr. 2011
Posmus Camp, Institut Francais de Bucarest, dec. 2010
UNA @ The National Academy of Arts, Sofia, nov. 2010
Spazi Aperti, Rome/Italy, jun. 2009
Bucharest Days in Wien, Wien, 2007


UNUM Festival (Albania), Modernity Events (CH), Caprices Festival (CH),  FACT (BCN), Music Gear (RO) British American Tabacco (RO), Dunhill, Kent, Global Records (RO), Set Sail (RO), Corporate Regata (RO), Ascendis Regata (RO), Geometry Global (RO), Control Club (RO), Sunrise agency (RO), Sunwaves festival (RO), Emagic, Set Sail, Bleumarin Sailing, Jägermeister, Orange, Ogilvy, BGS, Proudly Made by Us (RO), EuropaFM, Radio 21 & many more. 


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